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(S)TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope)

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Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope HF-3300

Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope HF-3300 Combination of high reputation Hitachi cold field emission electron source and 300 kV accelerating voltage realizes both ultrahigh resolution imaging and high sensitivity analysis. Spatially resolved EELS*, high precision parallel nanobeam electron beam diffraction* and in situ SEM/STEM imaging* open a new & unique avenue for high-precision material analysis.
  • Resolution:
    0.1 nm (crystal lattice)
    0.19 nm (point to point)
    0.13 nm (information limit)
  • Magnification: X 200 to X 1,500,000
  • Accelerating voltage: 300 kV, 200 kV *, 100 kV *
*: Optional accessory

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    Transmission Electron Microscope H-9500

    Transmission Electron Microscope H-9500 High-throughput high-resolution electron microscopy.
    • Advanced digital user-friendly atomic resolution microscope
    • Integrated computer control with digital cameras allows various image processing functions
    • Hitachi's field proven high voltage technology allows for a quick automated startup of the entire system
    • Stable 5-Axis Hiper stage features automatic navigation and sample position trace capabilities

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    Hitachi Spherical Aberration Corrected STEM/SEM HD-2700

    Hitachi Spherical Aberration Corrected STEM/SEM HD-2700

    Cs-corrected high-resolution imaging & high-sensitivity analysis with unmatched throughput

    In the fields ranging from R&D to quality control of advanced nano materials and semiconductor devices, there have been increased demands in recent years for improving spatial resolution and analytical performance for electron microscopes. Aberration correction provides a prominent solution to these demands. Hitachi High-Technologies had previously commercialized electron microscopes equipped with spherical aberration correction capability, since then continued efforts toward pursuing the concept of providing both high throughput and high performance benefited from aberration correction. The HD-2700 STEM with the newly developed Hitachi spherical aberration corrector realized this concept successfully.

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    Transmission Electron Microscope HT7700

    Transmission Electron Microscope HT7700 The HT7700 : a user-friendly, ergonomic digital TEM for consolidated operation

    The HT7700 features superior high contrast and high resolution image quality and analytical capabilities for biomedical, pharmaceuticals, food industry, agriculture, polymer, chemistry and nanomaterials applications.

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